Sustainable Value Alliance

 building sustainable businesses and communities TM

About Us
Sustainable Value Alliance is a boutique consulting firm that offers its specialized expertise in formulation and implementation of sustainable business strategies and sustainable development policies. Sustainable businesses are financially profitable, environmentally friendly, socially equitable and economically empowering businesses. Sustainable development is about creating economically, socially and environmentally balanced and robust communities. We advise our clients on how they can strategically transform businesses and communities to more sustainable forms of existence and value creation. 

Our Mission
To help organizations enhance wealth of their shareholders and well being of their stakeholders, locally and globally

Our Vision
A world of sustainable enterprises that will help create economically vibrant, socially equitable and environmentally stable communities.

Our Path 
We work with small, medium and large businesses who want to strengthen their business foothold using the power of sustainability strategies. We help our corporate clients achieve higher profits through strategic planning and adoption of robust environmental, social and economic measures. We help federal, state and local government agencies in formulating, implementing and evaluating economic, social and environmental policies that lead to sustainable development.

Our Service Delivery
We do not offer cookie-cutter strategies to our clients, and we do not operate with a laundry list of preset recommendations. Each business is unique in its culture, leadership style, stage of business growth and development, and its sustainability priorities. Sustainability strategy of one company cannot be replicated in another company. Each community is unique in terms of its demography, culture, history and resource base of  socio-economic and environmental capital. We will help you develop and implement sustainability strategies and policies that are suited to your organizational vision and needs. We will use sustainability principles to help you carve out your unique identity and help you differentiate yourself from other players in the field.
Dr. Aarti Sharma, the Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Value Alliance, will work closely with you and your team, from the conceptualization till the completion of the project. She will work “on the ground” in your offices and in your factories. She will engage with your stakeholders in your communities. Assessing the ground realities of your operations from various strategic directions, she will help you develop and implement sustainability strategies and policies that are holistic, truly relevant, meaningful and specific to your organizational needs and sustainable business and community development objectives.